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Getting Started in the MSC.Software VPD Community

Get Involved in the MSC.Software VPD Community

Stuck in the middle of a project? Want to solicit the opinions of other users of the software you’re using regarding how to model particular mechanical phenomena? Want to know when the next release of your software is coming out, and the new features that are included? Now you have the opportunity by participating in the MSC.Software Virtual Product Development (VPD) Community.


The MSC.Software VPD Community consists of 15 separate discussion communities; one reserved for communicate important MSC.Software news and information and one for each of the fourteen MSC.Software Product Lines.


MSC News | MSC.Actran | MSC.ADAMS | MSC.Dynamic Designer | MSC.Dytran | MSC.EASY5 | MSC.Fatigue | MSC.Marc | MSC.Nastran | MSC.Patran | MSC.Robust Design | MSC.SDM | MSC.vN4D | MSC.vN4W | SimDesigner


MSC.Software’s VPD Community can be a helpful tool when you have a project-related question, or want to tap into the vast knowledge of the users of MSC.Software’s Virtual Product Development Solutions throughout the world. While not a substitute for the technical support provided through our Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support (ME&S) service, the VPD Community is one more avenue to try when you're looking for answers.


All discussion communities consist of discussion forums deemed necessary for MSC News or the other product lines.


Example: MSC.EASY5 Discussion Community

Forum Type



Control Systems and Matrix Algebra Tool Use


EASY5 Libraries

Gas Dynamics and Multi-Phase
Powertrain, Engine, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, and Fuel Cells
Use of EASY5 with Matlab/Simulink Applications

Licensing, Configuration and Installation

Licensing, Configuration and Installation



Please note that all posts on the MSC News discussion community are official information from MSC.Software.


The opinions expressed all other VPD Community discussion forums are the author's own views and should not be construed as the official views of their company or of MSC Software Corporation.


Here are three easy steps to get started at

  1. Login as new user
  2. Set subscription preferences
  3. Begin participating!

Login as a New User

Set Your Subscription Preferences

Once you've logged in, click on the discussion community of interest to you (MSC News along with the ones setup for the product lines that you use) and click on 'Subscriptions' to set your e-mail preferences.

Participate in Forums and Discussions

View and submit messages by clicking on the 'Main Index' link on the blue menu bar. The VPD Community is very easy to use. If you still have questions on how to use it, check out the ‘FAQ’ link.

Featured Highlights:

·         Single login to all discussion communities and MSC News

·         Archiving and searching all discussion community activity

·         Security of email addresses for those using the lists

·         Advanced email options, such as 'send immediate' versus 'daily digest'

·         Convenient navigation/viewing of threads

·         And many more…


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